Songs of June #1: Songs of June

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One of the weird things about living in a different hemisphere to the one in which you grew up is that the seasons are all back-to-front. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to having Christmas in summer, or huddling in front of the fireplace in the middle of July. As I write this, I’m sitting in bed with a hot water bottle, looking out at the grey sky and barren trees.

I’m not a winter person. The cold weather seems to bring out my dark, introspective side. I fantasise about the long, bright days of summer. Those three long months are an exercise in clinging to joy and resisting the temptation to be grumpy and pessimistic. The first day of spring is more exciting to me than Christmas, as it represents the mini-victory of making it through the dark days of winter and stepping into the warmth once again.

I’m so excited to share the first video in the “Songs of June” series with you! And in case the title of this post had you worried, I haven’t lost the plot – the first song is also called, “Songs of June”, just like the project itself!

Hope you enjoy it!

Songs of June

Woke on the wrong side of bed
With songs of June running round my head
They tell me I’m crazy

Demons with voices sweet
Offer me fruit from the poisonous tree
They won’t resign till they can say “She’s mine”, but I won’t be deceived
No I won’t be deceived

And June is cold in this part of the world
Where I fumble toward the light
And maybe they won’t taunt me today
If I clothe myself in the night

Temptation tells me he’s
The one in the know, one who holds the key
But I know he’s lying

‘Cause shadows require the light
To draw the outlines we recognise
The lies would not be if the truth did not see some use for them here

And June is cold in this part of the world
Where I stumble toward the light
And maybe they won’t haunt me today
If I disguise myself in the night

And I find it hard to reason
I get caught up in the haze
And if I talk to myself it’s not ’cause I’m mad
I’m just trying to remember the time has passed

When I heard the voice of love
Pouring like rain from the heavens above
And the dove did descend and he promised me then that he’d never leave

And June is cold in this part of the world
But I’ll press on anyway
And I won’t fear, for I know who lives here
So I’ll bathe in the light of day


Music and lyrics Copyright Mali Korsten 2013.
Image courtesy of Jonan Grobler.

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